Kathryn lives on the Central Coast of NSW, where she and her husband have raised 3 daughters. Kathryn completed a cert 2 in Fine Art at Meadowbank technical college 1982, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Visual Art at Newcastle Art School 2013, and a Bachelor in Fine Art at The National Art School 2016.Kathryn currently has a studio in Newcastle as part of Newcastle Art Space.

Kathryn’s practice has evolved over a length of time, from figurative, illustrative, abstraction, landscape, traditional portraiture, to at present, a form of Lyrical Abstraction.

It was in her 3rd year at National Art School that she found a totally different approach to her mark making, working on large canvases on the floor using varying tools to apply paint. Kathryn has an innate sense and a deep understanding of colour, line and surface quality of paint. She informs her visual language through the use of varying different mediums, to oil paint, acrylic, interference and metallic paint, water colour and ink and pencil. She also makes paper collages and uses these as a form of thought process and contemplation to her painting process.

Kathryn’s work engages with the natural world, architecture, the human body, fantasy and the imagined. Her work is often multi layered, creating a sense of depth and space within her work.

Kathryn Taunton